Journal 3

Its getting closer to the middle of July, and I feel a new wave of inspiration coming.  I tend to go in cycles for songwriting, at times not even thinking about touching a guitar for a month. As a father of two and a property to take care of, time can be somewhat hard to carve out to work on music. But after releasing the newest batch of songs on an EP called Beach Music, I am now finding that another wave of music is coming.  I am very excited.  There is a full LP that will come out in the fall called Beach Music and it is a collection of the best songs I wrote in 2018.  I quit a full time job as an electrician in july of 18’ and had spent the rest of the year writing songs and just living on our new home in Roberts Creek BC. That was a huge shift for our family, as I spent the last three years finishing off an apprenticeship and schooling to get my Red Seal, juggling between music, work and family.  I was very proud to achieve this, but was equally ready to go back to do what I’m best at. Music.

Beach Music came to me naturally, lighting a fire in the studio, travelling to Mexico, Maui and Vancouver Island.  I feel like I struck gold with the amazing players I got to work with recording the album. Darren Parris on bass, Leon Powers on drums, Mike Kenney on keys and Alex Maher on Sax. I finally got to work with John Raham at Afterlife studios after many years of us talking about working together. John’s approach to recording is so refreshing in this day and age of technology.  He was the steady hand that this music needed. And the all acoustic, by mistake, approach really tied the album together.  

My wife and I have been working on converting a garage into a guesthouse for friends and family (my old studio) and are still finishing a new smaller, studio for myself.  I can already feel the creativity in the room, and I think the next batch of songs will be even more acoustic based than before.  I want to approach things in a different head space.  I just started reading the Art of Happiness, and I feel a real change coming.  After completing a marathon in May, I found a new desire to push myself more than I have over the last handful of years.

This journal is here for me to tell you communicate with you in a different context. One that social media does not allow in its format.  

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.