Journal 1

My family and I decided to do something rash a few years ago. We uprooted our family from a comfortable lifestyle in Greater Vancouver and shipped over, literally, to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. My wife Melisa and I had been yearning for a different way of living for quite some time, and this felt like a truly great opportunity. Still close enough to the city, but the fact that we could trade our townhouse in South Surrey for a 4.4 acre spread in Roberts Creek seemed too good to pass up. I’ve never lived in such a rural area before, and it has taken some getting used to. But the birds chirping at all hours of the day, and the frogs doing their thing at night has really had a meaningful effect on me. Even waiting for a bear sighting is still exciting to me.

I had been juggling finishing my electrical ticket, working full time, as well as playing many shows and attempting to write some new music, but the last part is what was the most difficult. So I did what anyone in their mid 30’s would do and quit my job as an electrician to focus on my music career. Not taken lightly, it really allowed myself to spend more time in Roberts Creek and soak up living on our property. There is a lot of maintenance to do, which has been enjoyable, except raking up all the leaves in the fall. I don’t know anyone who likes raking up leaves, let alone the amount we have here.

But I took this last fall and winter and focused on starting a fire in my studio most days and just creating music. I’m still old school when it comes to creating my ideas, If it happens it happens and if it doesn’t, I don’t try and force it. I try to let it happen. Many times nothing comes of me lighting a fire and putting on my headphones and singing into a microphone with my acoustic plugged in, but sometimes, something catches my ear and I get so excited at what the possible outcome can be. I must have written thirty or so songs for this record. Some of them I finished, others were left to the side, where maybe one day I will go back to the well and see if there is any magic for them. But I found ten songs that really fit well together. A few of them came to me while I was on trips to Tofino and Maui. I love Maui so much. It is my dream to live there in the winter months. Maybe one day....

This collection of songs were written all on acoustic guitar, so it seemed natural to record them that way. Some of the songs are slower and sound like acoustic songs, but most of them are happy and upbeat which is usually what people like to hear out of me. But I am a sucker for the slower songs too, they seem to happen more frequently when I write.

We have decided to release the summer sounding songs this June, as an appetizer for the whole album that we will release in the fall. These ten songs do need to live together and I still love listening to albums in whole, if there good.

I really do feel like this was an important album for me. It reflects a new chapter in my life. The albums that I release are like snapshots of my life. I love that aspect of making music. That’s why I still put out albums instead of singles. I think people do like the fact that they can get closer to where an artist is at when they get to sit with them for forty minutes through their music and try to get to know them more.

I hope I did that on Beach Music.