Journal 2

I can remember clearer than expected the first time I got to go to the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. I had heard of so many shows that I’d wanted to attend but was not old enough. On the day of my 19th birthday, myself and about ten friends, who all had fake ID’s, went to the big city to see the red hot Matthew Good Band. They had been blowing up all year and were doing a residency at the commodore over the christmas holidays. From what I remember from the show, the band was fantastic, playing many songs that local station CFOX had been playing for a while. It was really an amazing atmosphere. That gave me the bug of wanting to perform there. So many of my favourite artists had played the venue and I wanted to be one of them so bad. So a handful of years later I got my chance with CFOX seeds program. We ended up being finalist’s and the last battle was at the fabulous ballroom. I was so jacked. I would like to think it was the best show I had ever played up to that point. In the end we didn’t win, but it did launched my career with getting a booking agent and getting more opportunities to play the ballroom. Until now I have been lucky enough to play the commodore close to twenty times, most of them being my own headings shows. So many great memories with friends, The Trews, Currents Swell, Matt Mays, even Matthew Good was a surprise guest at a show I did with CFOX. I still have the same excitement now that I had back then. Shortly we get to go back to the old stomping grounds and relive old memories and make new ones with some new music that I am putting out. I still count my stars the night before I hit the killing floor as Keith Richards calls it, soaking up what will be a memorable night yet again.

I gotta run. The ballroom calls once again.